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Submission Form

Uptown Liz is a retail referral Web site, which means we do not sell the products, we link to them. There are two requirements to have product listed on our Web site: (1) the product must have proceeds that are donated to a charitable organization; and (2) the product must be sold online. We do not guarantee we will list your product and reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason.

Due to the overwhelming requests from companies to have their product listed on our Web site, the following information must be completed correctly. Make sure to complete this form exactly how you want it listed on the Web site; we do not require samples of product.

Instructions: (1) complete the following information for each product you are submitting and put in one Word document and attach it as a file in an e-mail along with your product image/photograph, and (2) e-mail the information to info@uptownliz.com.


1. Name of product: Universal Body Lotion

2. Name of company: Soulstice Spa

3. Price of product (no dollar sign, include decimal and zeros): 28.00

4. Web page link (URL) to the exact page where the product is sold (not the home page):

5. Amount of proceeds that go to charity and the name of the charitable organization (if you donate to more than one charity throughout the year, just list the type of charities instead of names): Portion of proceeds to Next Right Thing

6. Web page link (URL) to the home page of charitable organization (if you donate to more than one charity throughtout the year, list the Web page link (URL) on your Web site that describes your giving program): http://www.next-right-thing.org/

7. Type of charity/cause: Medical aid for children

8. How long will you be donating proceeds from this product: Indefinitely

9. 150 pixels in height by 150 pixels in width jpeg image/photograph of the product (if not exact, very close to that size). The image/photograph file name must include the name of the company and product and be attached as a file in an e-mail. Use underscores instead of spaces and the file extension (jpg) must be lower case: (Soulstice_Spa_Universal_Body_Lotion.jpg).

10. A sentence stating that Uptown Liz has permission to use the image/photograph and company name: I, Kayse Gehret, of Soulstice Spa, give Ramona Russell of Uptown Liz permission to use the images/photographs of products and company name (we only need this once).

11. Your contact information: full name, e-mail address, business phone, cell phone, and business address (we only need this once).

12. The contact information for the person you are in touch with at the organization you donate to: full name, e-mail address, business phone, cell phone, and business address (we only need this once).

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